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"...The builder's deep commitment to the project fostered an atmosphere of on-going communication...(that) allowed the home to evolve in an organic manner, with modifications proposed and discussed by all parties." – Henry York Mann, Architect Posts Standing


"...we've said this before, but can't help say again how delighted we are with the cabin. Your many thoughtful ideas...have made things so easy and pleasant - like the drawer under the fridge, the solar and the septic, the window screens - and many more. And all the finishes are so beautiful, it's just a pleasure to be here and live with them everyday. The tree trunk in the kitche feels like the heart of the house - we revolve around it - smooth solid, organic. All the woodwork so beautifully fitted, the glass panel on the porch, the beautiful strong back porch and flowing back deck. I could go on and on, but just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the large and small things you and your crew did to make this cabin such a delightful place. We are SO happy!"." - Owners, Howlett Residence


"we want to thank you very much for your beautiful job handling our Pasley (Island) house. You and Steve are an incredible team. This is about my fifth residential construction project and I havenever seen such quality in design and business discipline." - Owners, Pasley house