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Steve Ladner

Steve Ladner thrives on resolving construction challenges by designing and building custom solutions. He enjoys building structures that live in harmony with, and take best advantage of, their natural surroundings. His commitment to quality craftsmanship and materials assures that the functional aspects of his structures are flawless; his equally thoughtful aesthetic choices then emerge as the pleasing interface between design and function.

Steve is inspired by the outdoors and in particular the ocean and its shoreline. He was a surfer in his younger years and still loves being on the water. You can often find him at his family cottage on Pasely Island. In the winter he is a skier who loves Cat Skiing in the Selkirks and in the summer you may see him astride his Harley as he takes in the beauty of the backroads of BC. He is also an avid gardener who is actively involved in the Palm Tree society!

As Steve started his company 22 years ago, he knew that his passions were aligned: his keen eye for detail in the natural world is echoed in the process of building where his attention to detail makes his beautiful homes, exceptional. When he isn't on a job site, you will find Steve in his familiar red coveralls, working on renovating his own home in Vancouver.