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The owners had been searching for a home in the area for some time when this residence, originally built in 1927, came on the market in 2006. It had little street appeal, and although parts of the interior were cosmetically pleasing, the overall presentation lacked the design depth they desired. They felt that the structure had 'good bones' though, and decided to restore it to something even better than it was before


The owner's goal for the project was to restore the residence to its original design, but also to update and improve some areas. In particular, we enlarged the home's porte-cochere to accommodate today's larger vehicles, but maintained the integrity of the original design. We took extensive photography before deconstructing the home, and referenced these to produce drawings for every detail that needed to be reconstructed, or reproduced by the local crafts people for later installation.


Our clients, the owners, were involved every step of the way in the design development and building phases, making this a truly collaborative project that we are all pleased with and proud of.