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This property, with its original cabin, was part of a family legacy established in the 1960's. The current generation of sibling owners wanted to add a new cabin with a modern residence and sleeper cabins so that the property could be enjoyed by more than one sibling's family at a time. While these owners wanted a contemporary living experience, they also wanted the new cabin to be compatible with the original cabin's design. They sought to work with an experienced builder who had a well - developed design aesthetic, rather than hiring an architect for the design work.


The new residence was designed and situated to take the best possible advantage of the natural beauty of it's remote island location. Materials were transported by barge and offloaded by crane. Trees that were removed from the property for construction were recycled and now serve as finished support posts for the home; beams were made to spec by a local sawyer on BC's Sunshine Coast. We dug a new well to supply the home with fresh water, and installed an air circulating system that draws warm air up through the home, and distributes it down onto the floor surface. A peat filter septic system pumps effluent via solar energy to the back of the property, a Rumford fireplace provides heat, and solar panels provide electricity.


The newly constructed residence and adjacent sleeper cabin offer not only a comfortable, year-round retreat for the family today, but they are a solid legacy that will endure for many generations of the family to come.