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Kirk Stockner

From a very young age, Kirk Stockner has had a natural understanding of the way things are built. His mother recalls a trip with her then five-year old son to a public library in Winnipeg. She watched young Kirk gaze intently at the interior post-and-beam structure. When asked what he was looking at, Kirk responded: "Mom, I know how this building was made!"

In 1988, Kirk purchased a 1912 character home in New Westminster, and undertook his first major renovation. He enjoyed the satisfaction of employing his natural talent and, as the owner of the house, he was drawn to the deep roots of "doing things right"—both from a heritage perspective and that of craftsmanship. Soon, neighbours became clients.

Then, a short time later, circumstances aligned for Kirk to work on a project with Steve Ladner. The two found in each other a shared passion for resolving construction challenges, for quality craftsmanship, and for doing the job once, and doing it well. Kirk began working with Steve in 1989 and has managed a wide range of construction projects for Quantum since. He became a full partner in Quantum Construction Ltd in 2005.

Kirk has developed specific expertise in sustainable building practices and in building 'off-the-grid' in remote, logistically-challenging island locations. When Kirk is not working on a project, he too can be found poking along the many BC shorelines with his family, and he is often at family cabins on Gabriola and Gambier. He builds wonderful wooden toys for his young son, and you are sure to meet Kaya, his faithful golden retriever on the job site. Lately Kirk has taken up yoga to find the balance in his hard-working body.