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The original residence was designed and built by an architect in the 1970's, but wasn't built to last, so it was in a bad state of repair 35 years later when our client purchased it. They wanted to honour the residence's original design, but weren't sure whether to renovate, or tear down and start over. We decided to save the original foundation and footprint, and to rebuild the rest while restoring much of the original design.


The residence is located on the rock outcrop of a remote island, with no dock, and no roads for access, so materials were transported by boat and offloaded by crane. Our client was out of the country during the project, so design approvals were done via email and phone. Due to the location of the home on the property, we installed a peat filter septic system that pumps effluent via solar energy up to the back of the property.


The restored residence is reminiscent of the original design, but improved through the addition of larger outdoor decks, and highlighted with anodized aluminum trim on corners and around window frames. The residence is fully networked for internet access, and features incredible views, hot & cold running water, and a high-efficiency fireplace, making it the perfect summer getaway for our busy clients.