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The original structure was a bungalow built in the 1930's, and then it was updated in 1971 with an addition designed by architect Henry York Mann. By the time our clients purchased the property in 2000, however, the original structure had been neglected for nearly 30 years, and was rotting. They decided to rebuild the house on the original footprint. They consulted Henry Yorke Mann, who recommended Quantum Construction.


The owners loved the custom crafted kitchen in their Seattle home so much that they wanted to bring it with them to their island retreat. So, it was dismantled, packed and shipped north, and we installed it, in it's entirety, in the new beach house. We worked closely with the architect and the owners to redesign and rebuild a residence that is so in harmony with its coastal surroundings that it feels completely organic, almost as though it grew out of the island.


Our unflagging attention to detail throughout rebuilding this home assured that functional details were well-thought and wellplaced, that materials and finishes came together harmoniously, and that absolutely everything works as it should. "Our care is truly appreciated by the owners, who enjoy the west coast charm of their residence year-round".